Caminito del Rey, within the natural area of El Chorro in Málaga.

El Chorro, Málaga

Small, calm and wild, El Chorro is a village in the Malaga municipality of Álora, in the Antequera region.

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Its abrupt walls and wild shapes have made El Chorro a benchmark for lovers of rock climbing, who find the perfect challenges on its walls and which, since a few months ago, has become international with the reopening of the Caminito del Rey. Important magazines and tourist guides from around the world make it a must for travelers avid for unique routes.

Close to Antequera and Malaga, El Chorro will be a good place to hide and enjoy nature in all its majesty, practicing, if we want, our favorite sports.

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Caminito del Rey

If we have to highlight something about this impressive place, it is the Caminito del Rey, a passage hanging from the wall of the mountain that in some sections is very vertiginous. And it is that we are talking about a step of no more than a meter in width located at about 100 meters in height.

The characteristic trail had its origin at the beginning of the last century due to the need of the Sociedad Hidroeléctrica del Chorro to open a path for operators working in maintenance and transport of materials, so its construction was decided, which took place between 1901 and 1905. However, it was not until 1921, when King Alfonso XIII toured it to inaugurate the Conde del Guadalhorce dam, when it became known as Caminito del Rey.

Although this path has been closed for a long time because it was considered dangerous, it has been rehabilitated and opened to the public since March 28, 2015. The total route is 7.7 kilometers, of which 4.8 kilometers are accesses and 2, 9 kilometers walkways. Do not hesitate to visit it but remember that you have to make your reservation before going.

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